We got Will his 1st fish ever on a dry fly!  That was the highlight for the fishing portion of the trip, so let's cover that part first.  It's pretty challenging fishing conditions in the Catskills at the moment.  A very light snow year and a relatively dry spring have set it up so there's just not a lot of water.  That said, we've got some go-to spots where the brooks are running at a decent flow and the water temperatures are cool enough to keep those wild brook trout active.  There aren't any monsters in there, but they're healthy, plentiful, and absolutely gorgeous.

We definitely got out there this weekend.  We only saw two other people on the trail, which is sort of amazing considering we're only about 2.5 hours out of NYC (location to remain undisclosed).  The weather was spectacular, maybe a couple degrees warmer than ideal, but the dense forest kept the sun off us and it never got too hot.  The blackberry bushes are in full flower at the moment, and there are swallowtail butterflies everywhere.  See for yourself:

Critter update:  The highlight was fishing the evening caddis hatch, and while walking the streambed, I darn near stepped on a fawn that was bedded down for the night.  And when I say darn near, I mean, I really almost stepped on that baby deer.  Unfortunately the little darling was camera shy, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  But it's definitely a moment we won't forget.  The bird watching wasn't spectacular, but let's round out the list:  There was definitely a field mouse trying to break into my pack while we were sitting around the campfire, as well as a little white lizard that we couldn't quite identify.  And the woodchuck we saw was pretty darn cute, little chubby roundbody with a short tail.  It didn't stick around long, unfortunately.

Great weekend, gorgeous weather, lots of wildlife, beautiful brookies, everybody's happy here. Hope to see you on the trail!